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While bold statements are good, we believe that complete transparency is even more important. That’s why you will find a selection of answers to many of your questions here. Would you like more information or details? Then please get in touch. We are here to help you. 

How much does the HotelPartner service cost?

A: A customised offer can be made only after a review and analysis of your management reports from the past 12 to 24 months. Depending on the accounting model, a success rate will be determined.

How quickly can HotelPartner get started and what are the next steps?

A: Depending on your wishes, we can get started very quickly. Essentially, there are three stages in the process:

  1. Presentation of the partnership models and analysis, followed by an offer.
  2. Detailed strategy development taking into account all hotel and market data.
  3. System configuration – and then it’s all systems go.

How can I ensure that my neighbouring hotel does not have the same system?

A: As a service provider, we have a clear responsibility to our clients and we are careful to avoid competitive situations and conflicts of interest. Only a limited number of hotels (per city and segment) can be accepted as partners.

What are the technical requirements?

A: Your hotel must work with a PMS that is already linked to HotelPartner (see the system list on our website).  If your PMS is not on the list, we would be happy to build an interface with it.

What is the cancellation period?

A: In the first year, you can terminate the contract monthly and from the second year every three months. This allows you to evaluate the success of your partnership with HotelPartner without a binding long-term contract.

How do you boost revenue?

A: We work with hoteliers to develop a revenue strategy for the first year. The strategy is implemented by a team of portfolio managers in close collaboration with the trade team. It is adjusted on an ongoing basis and optimised to consistently boost and maximize performance.

Do I need an in-house revenue manager?

A: As we take control of your entire online business, it really depends on your revenue mix. We see ourselves as providing relief for your RM, so that they can focus on a variety of revenue areas.

Who handles the set up?

A: Once the contract has been signed, a portfolio manager and senior portfolio manager will be at your disposal as your direct points of contact. Our team will work closely with you throughout the go-live process.

How many hotels does a portfolio manager look after?

A: A portfolio manager never works alone. A permanent team of four to six people is responsible for your hotel’s success and for ensuring you hit your targets. Two teams with different skills and responsibilities will deliver top results for you every day:

Your chief portfolio manager + your senior portfolio manager + your portfolio manager.

Your chief portfolio trader + your senior portfolio trader + your portfolio trader.

Do you want me to hand over my pricing structure completely?

A: On the contrary. We want to make your pricing more secure and professional. Our service involves integration of our team of specialists into your existing team of employees. The better your team and our team work together and complement each other, the better your results will be. That’s why it is always our aim and responsibility to motivate and encourage both the HotelPartner team and your employees to help them to perform to the best of their abilities and achieve better results.

I already have a channel manager. Can we still work together?

A: We can work together with a variety of channel managers. We usually integrate the largest channels (notably Booking, Expedia and HRS) with our direct interfaces to enable special configurations.  Thanks to this partnership with a variety of channel managers, the spectrum of additional channels (GDS, wholesaler, metasearch connectivity, TOs, etc.) widens considerably.

Is HotelPartner a software provider or a service company?

A: Thanks to permanent (in-house) IT development, HotelPartner offers market-leading yield management software that is extremely competitive on an international level. The system is so extensive that a revenue manager takes three to four months to train. That’s why HotelPartner is no ordinary software provider; the software and revenue managers (Portfolio Managers and Portfolio Traders) have to come together as a package.

Can hotel groups also work with HotelPartner?

A: Hotel groups that already have their own in-house revenue management departments can integrate these into our team. Or alternatively, we can temporarily (or permanently) send our revenue managers to train your revenue management employees.

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