Milestones - Hotelpartner Yield Management

Success stories

The HotelPartner success story at a glance.

When a small start-up company grows into one of the leading international yield management provider within 12 years, two key success factors are at play:


Gaining trust and justifying this with high quality service.


Always a step ahead of the market with smart ideas and innovations 

The HotelPartner story in short


Continuing significant portfolio growth in all countries.


International expansion of our portfolio with 100% success-based partnership models. Rainer M. Willa takes over the role of CEO and now leads the HotelPartner group.


Opening of the portfolio trade centre in Barcelona and opening of the portfolio buyer centre in Switzerland. Annual revenues of partner hotels exceed EUR 500 million. First partner hotels in France and the UK. 


Opening of new office in the UK (London). Annual revenues of partner hotels (total room revenue) reaches more than EUR 400 million. Forty employees (all from the fields of hospitality and IT development) now work for HotelPartner. 


Completion of G 4.0, the fourth generation of the yield management system. The annual revenue of partner hotels hits EUR 320 million. 


HotelPartner celebrates the first partnership with a renowned hotel group that manages more than 20 hotels. The annual revenue of all partner hotels reaches EUR 270 million.


Opening of offices with local portfolio managers in Lausanne, Frankfurt, Vienna and Salzburg. The annual revenue of partner hotels grows to more than EUR 180 million.


Opening of Salzburg office. Expansion of yield portfolio manager team. More than 160 partner hotels. 


Major yield management success with first partner hotels in Munich. Important developments in IT systems (software) and expansion of the IT team. More than 120 hotels already rely on HotelPartner’s solutions.


First partner hotels in Germany (Munich). In total, the HP portfolio comprises more than 90 partner hotels in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. 


Fifty new partner hotels in all of Switzerland’s major destinations. Winner of the Milestone Award, a special price for an excellent contribution to the tourism industry. 


First partner hotels in Austria (Vienna) and spectacular yield management success during Euro 2008. Transformation of Hotel Partner Yield Management from a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company. 


First five partner hotels in Switzerland – off to a dream start. A 3* city hotel with 40 rooms increases revenue from CHF 1 million to CHF 1.44 million. RevPAR growth of 44% in the first year!  


Oliver Meyer founds HotelPartner Yield Management as a sole proprietorship. The first partner hotel is signed. 

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